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Hi. I'm Andy Pilate !

You may also know me as Cubox.

I'm a young student in computer science.

Check my blog here!

More about me ?

Well, here you go! I'm a French 17 years old student at a school called 42. Promotion 2017. We learn C, C++ and all the stuff we need to know. I personally learned everything from scratch.

I cofounded Cognitive Cryptography. This non-profit association is turned about providing safety, anonymity, and hosting to Internet people. We currently run a VPN providing service and a web hosting one. I mainly do administrative work, someone has to do it. I'm also involved into the tech part. Check out our website! I'm also an IRCop on the GeekNode IRC network.

I run OS X for my daily usage. I also use ArchLinux on my server. I also used to run FreeBSD for a few months.

On my free time I code in Go and in Python.

Sometimes, I play. To EVE Online. I am a Director of a wormhole corporation called "Space Hobos Inc.". We are a part of Test Alliance Please Ignore, one of the biggest alliances in the world of New Eden.

I made a fork of Bitcoin, for fun. The story was published in The Wall Street Journal. Look for my name in the article!

To contact me, check here!